About Us

The Organization:

The Organization:Global Premium Outlets Ltd. (GPO Ltd.) is a Limited private entity formed for the sole purpose to facilitate access to quality and competitive products worldwide. GPO works in partnership with both national and international entities to source and distribute its products.


To supply quality products and service delivery to meet various market sector demands/needs as may be identified in GPO’s business portfolios.


The customer can count on us to meet and exceed their quality expectations while ensuring a win-win supplier/client relationship and maintaining environmental integrity within our business surroundings and partner organizations.


Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of quality products whose production chain is carbon neutral.  At Global Premium Outlets Ltd we:

  • 1. Conduct ourselves with integrity and live to our Company Values,
  • 2. Only deliver quality products and services; and
  • 3. Foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration and trust

Our core Values

We, the women and men of Global Premium Outlets Ltd, are guided by the following core Values:

  • 1. Take responsibility for ourQUALITY;
  • 2. Deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction;
  • 3. Act with ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRITY in all what we do;
  • 4. Provide LEADERSHIP as a company and as individuals;
  • 5. Regard our SUPPLIERS as our essential team members.

Management Structure

GPO has a Chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), support staff. The CEO doubles as the Secretary to the Board, and is responsible for the day‐to‐day affairs of the Organization.  


GPO has constituted a Board of Governance which comprises of a chairman, secretary and treasurer. The BoG has been mandated to admit additional members as may be discussed and agreed by the management from time to time. The eligibility criterions for the membership have been explained in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.