In Kenya, coffee is produced in both small-scale farms and big estates. It is estimated that about 650,000 smallholders and 3,000 estates are engaged in coffee production. The small-scale producers account for about 70% percent of the total coffee area and currently command a 48% share of the market. Over 99% of the country’s production of coffee is Arabica.
Kenya’s coffee is grown on unique fertile volcanic soils, which, together with the normally detailed attention given throughout the production, processing and grading will ensure marketing of the best quality beans possible.

Coffee has been one of the main traditional export commodities in Kenya for many decades and the country continues to be the leading supplier of premium coffee in the world market. Kenya is renowned for her Arabica coffee, which is a high quality mild coffee that is favoured all over the world for its blending qualities. As a single origin, it is much sought after in the specialty markets particularly in the top AA grade from Kenya.